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Holger Rune reveals how he became great with Nick Kyrgios, Australian reacts

Holger Rune reveals his great relationship with Nick Kyrgios started when he as a junior texted Kyrgios and the Australian nicely responded. Over the last couple of months, Rune and Kyrgios have had a bit of bromance going as they speak highly of each other whenever they have a chance.



“I was playing on Futures tour. He was very nice to help me out with tactics & very polite. I was just like ‘Ok I’ll give it a chance & try to text him’ & he replied. Since then we’ve had a great relationship.



I respect him a lot. He’s a hell of a player,” Rune said, per The Tennis Letter. Kyrgios noticed Rune’s comments and delivered a touching reaction.



Kyrgios and Rune set to meet in an exhibition match
In November, Rune announced he and Kyrgios would meet in an exhibition match on May 24th in Kopenhagen.



When Rune and Kyrgios meet in Kopenhagen, it will be the first-ever meeting between the two. Kyrgios has a great level of respect for Rune so his decision to play the Dane in a Kopenhagen exhibition shouldn’t be surprising.



Just this past February, Kyrgios said Rune has the potential to win several Grand Slams. “Holger’s potential is incredible, and it is big enough to win several grand slams during his career. It could be big for the sport of tennis,” Kyrgios told BT in February.



Also, Rune expressed his desire to play doubles with Kyrgios. When Kyrgios was asked about that, he said he was open to the idea. “Whenever Holger wants, I’m ready. Maybe even later this year in a smaller tournament. I’m sure we would love to play together.



We could be a pretty cool doubles pair. So let’s see. Maybe I’ll ask him,” Kyrgios said. Rune and Kyrgios will certainly deliver a show for the Kopenhagen crowd when they meet in an exhibition match.

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