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5 Years Into Their Marriage, Alexis Ohanian Rekindles Romance With Wife Serena Williams With a Two-Word Message

Now that Serena Williams is not playing tennis competitively, she has ardently taken various new roles and endeavors. The ‘Queen of the Court’ is doing her best to tick all the right boxes on her long bucket list of various off-court adventures. Whether it is her karaoke performances or amusement park rides, the American tennis legend is enjoying the thrills of her new journey.



Now, another similar activity has apparently intrigued the former tennis ace as suggested by her recent social media post. Taking note of her new passion, Alexis Ohanian had an adorable reaction to his tennis legend wife’s latest endeavors.



The 41-year-old tennis legend has been traveling across the globe, and she recently shared some glimpses of her latest off-court adventures. In the process, Serena has discovered a new passion, skiing, as suggested by her recent social media post. The American tennis legend took to her Instagram to share a series of pictures of her adventures in the snow.



In those pictures, the 23-time Grand Slam champion was spotted donning skiing gear and apparel as she posed in front of a resort. Williams also revealed that she has discovered a love for the snow while ardently involving in the activity. She stated in her caption, “I learned I love the snow ”





Taking note of her passion for skiing, Alexis Ohanian dropped a two-word romantic message in the comments section. The American internet entrepreneur called her wife a “Snow bunny,” in the comments of her skiing pictures.



What other activities have kept Serena occupied recently?
From baking pancakes with her daughter to performing in her karaoke sessions, Serena has been lately quite busy. After moving away from competitive tennis, the 7-time Wimbledon champion has mastered every other off-court task. In the process, Williams has become an ideal example of a parent, as she has taken up various roles for Olympia.



The former tennis ace previously became a soccer coach for her 5-year-old daughter during her practice sessions in school. Apart from this, the mother-daughter duo has often been spotted baking pancakes alongside the American entrepreneur.



Further, Serena recently showcased her golfing skills and prowess for a Superbowl commercial. Taking note of her golf swings on social media, Ohanian was quite impressed as he decided to venture into the sport.

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