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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck work together on the same movie for the first time in 20 years

Hollywood stars Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck met on the set of ‘Gigli’ in 2003 and, a year later, once they’d become a couple, they shared the screen in the comedy-drama movie ‘Jersey Girl’.



The couple separated shortly afterwards, but now they are back together and married and preparing to work together again.



Since their first joint appearance on the screen, Affleck has a number of Oscars to his name, both as a director and screenwriter, while J-Lo is an absolute A-lister in the world of music and film across the globe.



J-Lo to star in a Ben Affleck movie
The film production company Artists Equity, which is owned by Affleck and his long-time friend Matt Damon, is set to release a new movie starring Jennifer Lopez.



‘Unstoppable’ is the name of movie and will mark the return of a J-Lo and Affleck collaboration.

This time, however, Affleck will be behind the cameras, as he’ll be a producer.



The movie is inspired by the true story of Anthony Robles, a one-legged athlete who won a national championship with Arizona State University.



The movie will be directed by another of Affleck and Damon’s partners, William Goldenberg, who will make his directorial debut after working alongside Affleck in films such as ‘Argo’, winner of the Oscar for Best Picture.



It will also be the first official collaboration between Affleck and J-Lo as husband and wife, although Affleck already acknowledged that J-Lo influenced the film ‘Air’, which is about to be released on the big screen.



He explained that she helped him in explaining why Jordans were so meaningful in terms of culture and fashion.

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