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Check Out The Hottest Brie Larson Mind-blowing Exclusive Photoshoot

After landing the coveted role of Captain Marvel in 2016, Brie Larson completely transformed her body. With her love of intense workouts, she is absolutely ripped, sporting six-pack abs and an ultra-toned figure. “It didn’t sit well for me to play a strong character without actually being strong,” she explained in a 2020 YouTube video.




The Oscar-winning actress documents many of her exercises in videos via her Instagram account. Brie has shown how she’s been able to achieve such goals as one-arm pull-ups and one arm push-ups thanks to her dedication to fitness.



Fans have watched her go from being able to do impressive 275-pound hip thrusts and keep going as she set higher and higher goals for herself. When she finally reached a whopping 400 pounds, Brie proudly captioned the video, “335/350/400 byeeeeeee,” as she hit the milestone.



The Room star has proven she’s the pinnacle of fitness inspo by taking an already challenging workout and knocking it up a serious notch. Brie was a total pro at doing plenty of push-ups, so she added heavy metal chains hanging around her waist to give her a greater test of her strength.



Next to one video of her plugging away through the exercise, she wrote in the caption, “Getting stronger is a process I’m committed to showing up for every day.”




Brie used another inspirational quote when doing a series of resistance band workouts, writing next to the video, “A strong woman is a woman determined to do something others are determined not be done.”



The Just Mercy actress isn’t just a gym fiend. While she loves to hit the boxing ring for her cardio workouts, Brie enjoys dancing as a way of getting her body moving.



Next to a January 2, 2019, Instagram video of her doing a lovely choreographed routine in a dance studio, she wrote, “New Year, new chance to get in step and out of step and then back in it again and all the way through.”









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