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“He needs to be the star in any relationship”: Tom Cruise’s Extreme Narcissism Drove Away Marvel Star Despite $600M Star’s Desperate Pleas to Stay Together

Tom Cruise is the undisputed star of Hollywood blockbusters. The actor, whose career has spanned over many decades, has maintained his superstardom by regaling audiences in films like the Mission Impossible series to his most recent film Top Gun: Maverick. The star has also gained fame for doing his own daring stunts in all his films.



Despite enjoying stupendous success in his career, Tom Cruise’s personal life has been fraught with problems and controversies. The actor who has had failed relationships and marriages has been called up by many of his exes for his dominating personality and controversial value system.



Tom Cruise’s Ego Made Him The Least Eligible Bachelor
Tom Cruise may be soaring high at the box office with the mega success of Top Gun: Maverick but the star’s personal reputation has taken a hit thanks to his attitude towards women and relationships. According to a Hollywood insider, Tom Cruise’s egotistical view about love, his dominating personality, and his obsession with Scientology deterred women from getting into a relationship with him.



“Tom would love to have someone in his life, but the truth is his reputation just isn’t great,The whole Scientology thing is a turnoff for most women, and he can’t exactly downplay it. He’s very committed to it.To him, any partner is an extension of him — and his brand — so he’s known to be very micromanaging — down to what clothes they can wear when they’re out with him,”



Cruise’s bossy nature and his need to dominate any relationship without compromise ultimately landed him the dubious distinction of being branded the least eligible bachelor in Hollywood despite his massive superstardom.



Tom Cruise’s History Of Failed Relationships In A Nutshell
Though Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise has had massive success in his career, the actor’s failed personal relationships have taken prominence over the years.



The actor was first married to Mimi Rogers before entering into an 11-year marriage with actor Nicole Kidman. Cruise and Kidman squashed claims of the Cocktail star’s obsession with Scientology being the reason for the split.



Cruise then entered into a relationship with Katie Holmes with whom he had a daughter, Suri. The couple ultimately split and this time, Cruise’s Scientology leaning was the reason to drive away Holmes.



Apart from his 3 marriages, Cruise has also been in a relationship with his co-star from Vanilla Sky Penelope Cruz which ended in 2004.



The actor has also been recently linked to his Mission Impossible co-star Hayley Atwell who allegedly gave him the boot due to the actor’s controlling ways. According to inside sources, the British star broke up with the Minority Report actor and subsequently took him back in 2020. Despite giving him a second chance, Atwell was unable to tolerate Cruise’s ego and ultimately parted ways with him.

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