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New Love Alert: Austin Butler and Kaia Gerber Spotted Getting Cozy at Star-Studded Event

Hollywood’s newest power couple may have just emerged, as actor Austin Butler and supermodel Kaia Gerber were recently spotted getting cozy at a star-studded event. The pair were seen together at a private party in Los Angeles, where they reportedly spent the entire night chatting and laughing together.



According to sources, Austin and Kaia were seen holding hands and sharing a few sweet kisses throughout the night. The couple seemed completely smitten with each other and didn’t seem to mind the paparazzi capturing their affectionate moments.



The rumored romance comes just a few months after Austin’s split from longtime girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens. Meanwhile, Kaia has been linked to a few high-profile celebrities in the past, including Pete Davidson and Jacob Elordi. However, it seems that Austin may have captured Kaia’s heart, as the couple’s chemistry was reportedly palpable.



Fans are already buzzing about the potential for this new Hollywood couple. Many took to social media to express their excitement about the rumored romance, with some even dubbing the couple “Kaustin”. Others are speculating about whether the pair will make their relationship official in the near future.



Despite the attention on their relationship, Austin and Kaia have yet to publicly comment on their rumored romance. However, sources close to the couple have stated that they’re enjoying getting to know each other and are taking things slow.



It remains to be seen whether Kaustin will become Hollywood’s latest power couple, but for now, it seems that the pair are enjoying each other’s company and letting their relationship develop naturally.

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