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‘I Can’t Really Show It’: 4 Years Ago, LPGA Icon Lexi Thompson Made an Emotional Confession After Multiple Personal Setbacks

In the world of golf, Lexi Thompson is a household name. Despite her success, she has faced challenges like any other person.



The past few years, including 2020, have been especially difficult due to personal and professional issues. Compounding the difficulty is the constant public exposure that she experiences, which forces her to keep her struggles hidden.



As one of the best professional golfers in women’s golf, Lexi Thompson has achieved a lot in her career. She started her professional career at a young age and became the youngest golfer to qualify for the US Women’s Open when she was just 12 years old.



However, the reality of Lexi Thompson’s life is not as perfect as many people assume. She has faced personal and professional struggles over the past few years, including the stress of the pandemic, the loss of her grandmother, and her mother’s recurring cancer diagnosis.



These challenges have affected her emotionally, but as a public figure, she must keep her struggles hidden.



Despite the difficulties, Lexi’s talent as a golfer is unmatched. She draws inspiration from her mother, who is a symbol of bravery in her ongoing battle with cancer.



Lexi sees her mother as a role model and aspires to be half the woman that she is.



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