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“Inside Tiger Woods’ Injury: Ex-Pro Golfer and Surgeon Break Down the 47-Year-Old’s Recurring Medical Condition”

The Masters Tournament 2023 was filled with excitement and anticipation as golf enthusiasts eagerly waited for Tiger Woods to make his epic return to Augusta. Unfortunately, his return was short-lived, as Woods had to withdraw from the tournament due to an unexplained injury that caused stabbing pain in his foot. It was later revealed that the pain was due to post-traumatic arthritis, which was initially misdiagnosed as plantar fasciitis.



Tiger Woods has experienced both highs and lows throughout his professional career, with injuries often forcing him to take a step back. Despite going through several procedures in the past for the same leg injury, his pain just didn’t seem to end.



The golf world was shocked to see him suffer so much, but he recently underwent a subtalar fusion procedure at HSS Sports Medicine Institute in New York City and is currently recovering.



Woods’ limp was a clear indication that he was suffering from post-traumatic arthritis instead of plantar fasciitis, according to the golf doctor who treated him. Woods himself revealed in a tweet that the surgery was due to the condition that led him there. Although the golfer came out of surgery safely, it is uncertain when he will be able to play golf again.



Tiger Woods has undergone numerous surgeries throughout his life, including procedures on his back, shoulders, and knees.



The recent ankle surgery has led to speculation about when he will return to the golf course. According to experts, it is unlikely that Woods will be able to play golf for another six months, and his tournaments for 2023 are likely over. It wouldn’t be surprising if he doesn’t play again until Augusta 2024.



In conclusion, Tiger Woods’ injury at the Masters Tournament was a disappointment for golf fans worldwide. While it’s uncertain when he’ll be back on the course, Woods’ determination and resilience in the face of adversity have always been an inspiration to many.

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