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Lexi Thompson’s Bold “Just Love Me” Post Sends Shockwaves Through Golf World

Golfing sensation Lexi Thompson is not just a pro on the green, but she’s also a dedicated dog mom to her beloved Cavapoo, Leo. Her love for him shines through her Instagram posts, where she refers to him as her “biggest motivation.” Even during her busiest schedules, Thompson never fails to give Leo the attention and love he deserves. In fact, her furry best friend played a significant role in helping her overcome emotional and mental exhaustion during the 2018 Women’s British Open.



As a successful athlete, Thompson’s career is nothing short of impressive, with 11 victories on the LPGA tour, including a Major Championship win. Her bond with Leo highlights the importance of self-care and how pets, specifically dogs and cats, can serve as crucial support systems, providing comfort, therapy, and motivation during tough times. Golfers like Michelle Wie and Jessica Korda also bring their furry friends to events, proving that pets are not just companions, but also necessary support systems for mental health.




If you’re a dog lover or a golf enthusiast, you wouldn’t want to miss this heartwarming story of Lexi Thompson and her furry best friend Leo.



Golfing sensation, Lexi Thompson, is known for her incredible talent on the green, but despite her love for the game, there’s another love in her life that she just can’t seem to live without. This special friend has been by her side through thick and thin and has provided comfort and motivation to her during tough moments in her career. Let’s take a closer look at Thompson’s incredible bond with her love.





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Lexi Thompson and her unconditional love for her best bud
It’s no secret that Thompson is a big dog lover, and she has been spotted carrying her beloved pooch with her everywhere, even during interviews. For her, her dog is not just a companion, but also her life. It’s evident from her Instagram posts that Leo holds a special place in her heart, and she considers him her biggest motivation.



Lexi Thompson recently took to Instagram to share her love for her furry friend, Leo. In the post, Thompson can be seen holding her adorable dog with a big smile on her face, captioned: “Just love me Leo 😂”



Despite her busy schedule, Thompson never fails to give her dog the attention and love he deserves. In fact, she often talks about how much Leo means to her and how he has been a constant support system throughout her career.



Lexi Thompson is an exceptional golfer with an impressive career. She began her professional career at the age of 15 in 2010 and has since won numerous awards and titles. She boasts an impressive record of 11 victories on the LPGA tour, including a Major Championship win. Her first Major Championship win came in 2014 when she won the Kraft Nabisco Championship, which was also her fourth career LPGA win.



Thompson’s outstanding performance on the field has made her one of the most renowned golfers worldwide. She currently holds the 7th position in the women’s world rankings, and her highest ranking was at 4th position at the end of 2015.



How Leo the Dog is a consistent supporter in the life of Thompson
When Lexi Thompson had to withdraw from the 2018 Women’s British Open due to emotional and mental exhaustion, the golf community and her fans eagerly awaited her return. And she did not disappoint anyone and made a stellar return, securing two LPGA Tour victories. Her Cavapoo dog, Leo, played a significant role in her success.



Leo has provided comfort and therapy for Thompson, and his affectionate nature, seen through vigorous tail-wagging and excited ears when he sees her, is a refreshing change from the negativity on social media and the pressure of scorecards.



Pets, specifically dogs and cats, have been proven to improve mental health by reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. Pets also help ease loneliness, which is essential in times of mandatory self-isolation. Golfers like Michelle Wie and Jessica Korda also bring their furry friends to events, showing that pets can serve as more than companions, but also crucial support systems. Lexi Thompson’s post highlights the importance of self-care and the role pets can play in mental health. With Leo by her side, Thompson has found balance and success on the course.

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