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“The Truth Behind the Allegations”: Johnny Depp fans outrage over Amber Heard’s official return as Mera in ‘Aquaman’ sequel

When Johnny Depp lost the UK trial against Amber Heard, Warner Brothers demanded his resignation from the ‘Fantastic Beasts’ franchise. The same cannot be said about the actress despite losing the U.S.-based trial last year. In fact, Warner Brothers just announced that she is not being cut from the new ‘Aquaman’ sequel despite all the rumors that confirmed it.



During the latest CinemaCon, there was footage of the new ‘Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom’ movie that is coming out later in 2023. To everyone’s surprise, Amber Heard’s Mera character was shown in the film and it made Johnny Depp fans lose their minds over it. Keep in mind that Jason Momoa himself was the one who reportedly wanted Heard to keep her job despite all the legal trouble she faced.









CinemaCon is a place where many new projects are presented either via a full feature film or teaser trailers. In the new ‘Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom’ footage, only people who attended the convention were able to see the teaser.



This footage showed Randall Park’s Dr. Stephen Shin and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II’s Black Manta character attacking the surface world with a powerful Black Trident. Also, we get a speak peak of Nicole Kidman’s Atlanna character making her return to the story.



The footage also shows Arthur Curry will have to join forces with Ocean Master, his half brother. This relationship does offer a few buddy-comedy vibes but Orm also learns his place as Aquaman steps into his skin as the ruler of Atlantis.





But what probably made people ghasp was the inclusion of Mera at the very end of the trailer, it was just a glimpse but that was more than enough to set the internet on fire. For Johnny Depp fans, including Heard in the film is a travesty but they forget how disenfranchised women have been throughout the decades, especially in the movie industry.



Depp is the one who has gotten most of the praises after the trial ended but both of them made terrible mistakes in their relationship. This just goes to show how devolved we are as a society and how women are still ostracized or mistreated when compared to men.



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