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Lydia Ko Finally Reveals How She Proposed To Her Husband Jun Chung And What He Actually Does for a Living

The LPGA star Lydia Ko got married to her fiancé of many months, Jun Chung, on December 30, 2022, in Seoul, South Korea. The couple married a month after the bride regained her world no. 1 position among female golfers by winning the CME Group Tour Championship title.



“Having met him, I feel like he is introspective in life and my golf,” she had said about how meeting Chung changed her life after winning the season-ending title with him supporting her on the sidelines.





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Although she revealed how supportive he was of her during her interviews, little is known about the profession of the man who married the two-time major champion.



What is Jun Chung’s profession?
Lydia Ko was only seventeen years old when Time featured her on its 100 Most Influential People list in 2014. Hence, it would come as no surprise that the man she married after turning 25 and winning more titles than before, including two majors, is not in anyway ordinary.



Jun Chung has been working as an Open Innovation Associate for the HYUNDAI CRADLE since February 2022. Notably, The Korean Herald reported that he is the youngest son of the Hyundai Card Vice Chairman Chung Tae-young. Although he was born into a privileged life, he worked hard to get the position he enjoys now.



According to his LinkedIn profile, Chung had worked a couple of jobs before landing his current job based in California. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Claremont McKenna College, he has worked in various roles, such as App Development & Data Science Intern, UX Design Intern, Research Analyst, and Strategy And Business Development Intern for companies across the world.



How did Lydia Ko and Jun Chung meet each other for the first time?
Various sources suggest that the couple had been dating for two years before they tied the knot in Myeongdong Cathedral in Seoul, South Korea. Although it still is not known how they met, Lydia Ko revealed during the press meet after winning the CME Group Tour Championship that she met him in 2021.



“I first met him (Jun Chung)… it was just before my win in Hawaii,” she told the media after explaining how he helps her become better in both her professional and personal life.



After dating for sometime, the couple showed their commitment in a unique manner that surprised many fans. It is a widely accepted practice that men are the ones who propose to women in a relationship. However, the world’s no. 1 golfer, Lydia Ko, broke that stereotype when she proposed to her future husband in style.



“I was like why is it that the guy has got to propose,” she said on the Henni & Hally: Women with Game podcast, according to Ko explained how she proposed to the love of her life using the sport that means a lot to her. “I did it very golf-like. I wrote on golf balls, ‘will you marry me?’”, she said.



Interestingly, her fiance couldn’t resist asking the question even though she had already proposed to him. “It was really cool,” Ko described how Jun Chung surprised her with the proposal during their engagement photoshoot.



“I didn’t expect it. He was going on about numbers, of how many days we’ve known each other, and things like that,” she added. “For a second, I was thinking, ‘why are you throwing numbers at me?’ and then I realized what was going on.”



Lydia Ko was facing difficulties in converting her hard work into good results since 2018. However, she won soon after meeting Jun Chung. Since then, Ko has had nothing but success, as she finished in the top 10 fourteen times out of the 22 starts she had in 2022. And now that she has married her ‘good luck charm,’ one can predict that the best is yet to come for Lydia Ko, both in her professional and personal life.

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