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“Wrexham Players Live it Up in Las Vegas as Ryan Reynolds & Rob McElhenney Make Good on Promotion Trip Pledge with Epic ‘Monster’ Bash!”

Wrexham players are on their way to Las Vegas after winning the National League title, with Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney footing the bill.



Wrexham won National League title
Reynolds & McElhenney promised Vegas trip
Players jetting to USA to celebrate



WHAT HAPPENED? Wrexham’s Hollywood owners had promised the players a “monster” party if they managed to win promotion to League Two, something the Welsh club achieved, as they accrued a staggering 111 points.



The trip to the States was confirmed after their dramatic title win, with Paul Mullin spilling the beans, and the players have now been pictured on the plane before take-off.



THE BIGGER PICTURE: Wrexham’s victorious squad are heading off without supervision, too, as boss Phil Parkinson has rejected the opportunity to jet to Vegas. Instead, the players will be left to enjoy the trip, with their manager having revealed he hopes they return in “one piece”.



WHAT NEXT FOR WREXHAM? After partying out in Vegas, Wrexham’s players, and management, will begin to plan for their first season back in the Football League.



Indeed, a number of marquee friendlies in the USA have already been lined up, with the Welsh side facing Premier League heavyweights Manchester United and Chelsea.

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