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“Ben Affleck’s Spanish skills leave Jennifer Lopez speechless!”

Jennifer Lopez is singing in praise of her husband: Ben Affleck’s smooth Spanish.

Speaking to Access Hollywood, the I’m Real singer said her partner “really loves speaking Spanish, and he is well-versed in the language due to his upbringing in Mexico.



“Yeah, really great Spanish,” the 53-year-old revealed about Air’s filmmaker’s well-practiced language.

“He spent time in Mexico when he was a kid, and so, he loves the culture, and he loves the people, and he loves speaking Spanish.”



“He learned it then, and he’s kind of kept it up his whole life and really loves speaking Spanish,” she added.

“I get very self-conscious, because I didn’t grow up in Puerto Rico, you know what I mean?” Lopez added. “I speak Spanish, and I know Spanish. I know Spanish well, but I still get self-conscious – not him,” the singer said.



Recently, the Batman star surprised fans when he fluently spoke Spanish during his Air movie promotions.

In 2020, during The Kelly Clarkson Show, the 50-year-old revealed his oldest kid, 17-year-old Violet, fluency in the language is beating his.



“She’s always been a very good student, and she’s been interested in Spanish, and so I would often help her,” adding. “Now, all of a sudden, she’s gotten into the grade where she’s, like, in the harder Spanish classes, and she’s getting better.”

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