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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s latest ‘fight’ puts them under the spotlight

At the 2023 Met Gala, Jennifer Lopez caught the eye with a spectacular dress as she paraded down the red carpet. The singer and actress dazzled everyone present, although she did it alone without the presence of her husband Ben Affleck.



They are one of the most talked about couples in Hollywood, in what is their second stint together. The two began dating in early 2000, but the couple could not last long and ended up separating.



But destiny was waiting for them again, as they got back together and ended up getting married in 2022.



Now, both JLo and Ben are constantly working on projects, from movies to different adventures in which they are present. Although what they never expected is to coincide in a premiere on the same day. The couple share Friday, May 12 for the release of their latest movies, although she does it on Netflix and he does it on Prime Video.



Both Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck will star in a fight to be the two protagonists on streaming platforms, to win over the audience and for their films to succeed.



In the case of the actress, it is the premiere of the movie ‘Mother’, in which she plays a murderer who comes out of hiding to protect her daughter, whom she gave up for adoption a few years prior, while fleeing from some dangerous men.



For his part, Ben Affleck will premiere ‘Air’, a film he directs and also acts in. The film tells the story of the union between a young Michael Jordan and his sports brand Nike.

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