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Reactions As Ben Affleck looks miserable with Jennifer Lopez, slams car door in her face

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are once again going viral on social media, this time due to the actor slamming the car door in his wife’s face while running errands in Santa Monica earlier this week.



Affleck, 50, has long been known for being serious, if not cranky, but fans have noticed an even darker mood ever since the return of “Bennifer.”

His public struggle with alcoholism is among the contribuSome fans were thrilled to see them together again, but others couldn’t help but notice that Affleck looked sad whenever he was out with J-Lo.



It would be unfair to suggest that Lopez has anything to do with Affleck looking miserable. If anything, she is likely the reason he has any happiness, and his bad mood is simply a reflection of whoever is behind the camera capturing the moment.
Lopez, 53, is one of the most recognizable faces in the world, so having paparazzi following them around all day also explains his bitterness.





Still, just when it seemed like Affleck was being chivalrous by opening his wife’s car door, he instantly ruined the moment by slamming it right in Lopez’s face.



Does J-Lo make Affleck miserable?
“Bennifer” was the hottest couple in the early 2000s before calling off their engagement in 2004.

Nearly two decades later, they rekindled their romance and got engaged in 2021.

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