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Ryan Reynolds Reveals The Shocking Reason For pulling out of bidding for NHL’s Ottawa Senators

The future ownership of the Ottawa Senators has been the subject of much discussion in NHL circles. The death of the previous owner, Eugene Melnyk, in March 2022 has led to a bidding war for the team, with several high-profile celebrities expressing interest in purchasing the team.



While a sale of the team appears to be imminent, it was recently revealed that actor Ryan Reynolds will not be the team’s next owner, despite his earlier interest in the team.

Reynolds, who was born in Vancouver, had been involved in a bid to buy the Senators with the real estate giant Remington Group. However, it was reported that Reynolds was denied an exclusive window to finalize the deal, which ultimately led to him withdrawing his bid.



Despite this setback, Reynolds is already co-owner of the fifth-tier English soccer club, Wrexham AFC, which has recently moved up to the fourth division of English professional football.



With Reynolds out of the running, attention has shifted to other potential bidders for the Senators. Interest in the club from Ottawa’s capital remains high, with iconic rapper Snoop Dogg confirming earlier this month that he is part of a group seeking to purchase the team. Snoop, who is a fan of the Los Angeles Kings, has teamed up with film producer Neko Sparks to finance the bid. The Weekend has also joined a bidding group led by two Toronto-based billionaires.



The final sale price for the Senators is expected to be over $1 billion, with the deadline for non-binding offers set for May 15th. While Reynolds may no longer be in contention, there is still significant interest in acquiring the Senators, and the identity of the team’s next owner remains uncertain.






Snoop, who is an avid Los Angeles Kings fan, has partnered with film producer Neko Sparks to finance a bid for the Senators. The Weekend has also joined the bidding, as part of a group headed by two Toronto-based billionaires.



The final price tag still figures to be north of $1 billion. The deadline for nonbinding offers is May 15.

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