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‘It’s embarrassing!’ – Paul Mullin reveals why Wrexham fame can be tough to handle after Ryan Reynolds & Rob McElhenney takeover

Paul Mullin explained why Wrexham fame is tough to handle after the club’s takeover by Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney.



Mullin not comfortable with media attention
Celebrity owners have brought spotlight to club
Striker led Wrexham in scoring this term


WHAT HAPPENED? The star striker, who had a phenomenal season with Wrexham, scoring 46 goals in 51 games, suggested that it has been tough for players to handle the media attention that has accompanied the presence of Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney as the club’s owners. He mentioned that while at times they enjoy all attention surrounding them, at times it becomes too much to handle.



WHAT THEY SAID: Asked on Soccer AM if they expected the media attention after the actors’ takeover, the English forward said, “No, definitely, no. Obviously, what they do, they are part of that world and all the attention probably follows them more than us. Since the documentary it sort of just taken off. It’s not something we are not used to seeing coming at us players. It’s just something we had to embrace.



“Not particularly, no. No, not really but as I say you just gonna roll with it. It’s nice now and again and obviously seeing young kids happy when they meet you and things obviously are quite special when you are a National League footballer people are happy to see you. But when you are going shopping, people are asking for photos and stuff, it’s quite embarrassing.”



THE BIGGER PICTURE: The club’s fortune has changed ever since Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney took over as the clubs owners. The Red Dragons won the National League title this season and secured promotion to the Football League after 15 years. They also smashed a National League points record with 111. To celebrate the team’s feat, the owners jetted the team on an unbelievable trip to Las Vegas.



WHAT NEXT FOR WREXHAM? The team is set to tour the US again in July for pre-season where they are set to take on Chelsea and Manchester United in friendly matches.

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