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Ryan Reynolds to feature Wrexham players (and Hugh Jackman) in latest Deadpool movie

Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds is reportedly considering giving cameo roles to Wrexham’s top scorer, Paul Mullin, and goalkeeper, Ben Foster, in his latest Deadpool movie, which is being filmed in the UK and due out next year. Reynolds, who is known for integrating different aspects of his life and career into his projects, has already worn a Wrexham baseball cap in a trailer to promote the movie.



Both Mullin and Foster seem excited at the prospect of appearing in the movie with Reynolds and Wolverine Hugh Jackman, with Foster commenting: “He’s even said that he’ll put me in the new one with him and Big Hugh Jacko, friggin’ Wolverine.” Meanwhile, Wrexham executive director Humphrey Ker said: “I would be quite surprised if not.”.



Reynolds and his comedy pal Rob McElhenney’s journey into buying Wrexham, a football club in North Wales, was documented in the documentary series Welcome to Wrexham, which saw the team promoted to the Football League for the first time in 15 years.



The stars even laid on a luxury trip to Las Vegas for the team to celebrate their promotion to League Two next year.



Deadpool director is ‘concerned’ about Reynolds’ obsession
However, the movie director, Shawn Levy, has expressed his concern over Reynolds’ growing obsession with the football club, which may hinder the filming of Deadpool 3.



Levy joked: “His obsession with Wrexham and by the way the obsession of all of Wales with Ryan Reynolds is becoming problematic. I’m trying to get us ready to shoot Deadpool, and he’s so distracted by this football team.”



Reynolds’ love for Wrexham, however, is not surprising, considering the warm welcome he received from the town and the club. In a previous interview with the BBC, Reynolds said: “The fans here have been incredible, and we’re just getting started.



We’re looking forward to putting Wrexham on the map.” With Reynolds now potentially featuring Wrexham players in his upcoming movie, the town’s reputation is set to reach new heights.

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