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“The Mystery Unveiled: Unraveling the BBC’s Obsession with Wrexham’s Epic Bus Parade”

The pair have been a huge part in Phil Parkinson’s side earning promotion into League Two, the first time they’ll be in the Football League in 15 years.



Reynolds and McElhenney will also be paying for the team to take a trip to Las Vegas for a ‘monster’ party this summer, before the preparations for the next campaign begins.

Tuesday though, was about the local celebrations, with the people of the city, and fans of the club turning out in force to cheer them on.



Reynolds and McElhenney certainly got in on the local vibe, as the pair sang the Welsh national anthem, Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau, as you can see in the video above.

However, whilst they enjoyed themselves, those watching on BBC News at home were wondering why exactly the parade was being given so much coverage on tv.



“Absolutely lost for words, BBC national news showing live coverage of Wrexham’s open top bus parade?!”, said one perplexed fan.

“The third story on the BBC news site right now is live coverage of Wrexham’s open-top bus parade. I’ve never known the site to report any football celebrations, let alone a bus parade. But because Hollywood folk and Disney are involved, it’s justified, isn’t it?”, questioned a second.



Another queried, “Why the f**k are the BBC streaming Wrexham’s entire open top bus parade?”

“Can’t be much news. BBC news 24 has wall to wall coverage of the Wrexham parade,” stated a fourth.

And another joked, “Hey guys, does anyone know how Wrexham got on this season? I’ve missed every BBC news bulletin for the last 2 weeks.”



With the bus parade done, Parkinson, Reynolds and McElhenney will have to start preparing for life back in the Football League.

That could be with goalkeeper Ben Foster, despite the former Premier League star initially only coming out of retirement in order to help with the end of the promotion campaign.



Foster has given an update on his contract at the Racecourse Ground, with the owners hoping to persuade him to stay for another year.

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