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“Rule-Breakers Unveiled: Wrexham Owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney Shatter Their Own Celebrity Code!”

Wrexham owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have admitted to breaking a celebrity rule they introduced themselves.



The Hollywood pair made a number of promises when they purchased the Red Dragons in February 2021, one of which was a £2 million investment.

Others included increasing Wrexham’s global appeal, renovating the Racecourse Ground and improving training facilities.



But there was one rule that the owners have ultimately ended up breaking and it stemmed from the FA trophy final defeat to Bromley.
Both were in attendance with their respective families and celebrated a last-gasp disallowed equaliser when Jake Hyde’s header was ruled offside by the linesman.



Reynolds and McElhenney went mental but had to be told the offside rule by David Beckham, who was sat close to them.
From that point onwards, the duo made a pact to not have any celebrities present at games, feeling as though they were “bad luck charms”.



However that has been completely abolished, with the likes of Will Ferrell, Charlie Day and Paul Rudd among the big names to have turned up at the Racecourse.
“We had an unofficial rule that we didn’t stick to, Ryan after we lost at Wembley last year in the FA Trophy final,” McElhenney said on the RobRyanRed – Wrexham AFC Podcast.



“We decided no more celebrities as they were bad luck charms, but I guess we don’t have to worry about that anymore.”
Reynolds chimed in: “Yeah, it sort of worked out. Will [Ferrell] saw a great game, I know that. Emma [Corrin] saw an amazing match as well. Glenn [Howerton], Charlie [Day], and Kaitlin [Olson] saw a great one, and then, of course, Paul [Rudd] and Joe Russo saw the one [title-winning game] to end it.”



Day, who starred in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia with McElhenney alongside McElhenney, might not be getting invited back for another game though.

As revealed by McElhenney on the podcast, the 47-year-old nearly landed himself a police record after drinking alcohol in view of the pitch – completely unaware of the rule prohibiting it being introduced as part of The Sporting Events (Control of Alcohol etc.) Act of 1985.



Plenty of celebrities will likely be cheering Wrexham on in the summer as they are playing both Chelsea and Manchester United across the pond in lucrative pre-season fixtures in North Carolina and San Diego.

There’s also the small matter of ‘The Soccer Tournament’, where Wrexham are competing and have even signed up their owners to play.

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