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“Secret Revealed: Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ Daughters Share Surprising Opinion on Wrexham!”

We are all aware just how Wrexham-crazy co-owner Ryan Reynolds is ever since purchasing the club at the end of 2020, but his family are also huge fans of the Red Dragons.



Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have been a breath of fresh air ever since taking charge of Wrexham, fully immersing themselves into the culture at the Racecourse Ground. The Hollywood duo have travelled over countless times to watch their side play, and put on a wild party after Wrexham secured promotion to the Football League for the first time in 15 years.



Despite being club owner, Reynolds has earned a reputation for requesting match shirts off the players and even taking chunks of the pitch after games. But it turns out that’s not just for his benefit, as his daughters are huge Wrexham fans too.
Reynolds went viral for requesting star striker Paul Mullin’s shirt back in April, with the Deadpool star in awe of Wrexham’s No.10. Mullin produced a hilarious response to Reynolds’ request, as he said: “I can’t say no, can I? You provide them!”



But Reynolds also gate-crashed a press conference involving Ben Foster and Elliot Lee after winning the National League, taking both of their match shirts off them before apologising to the media and sneaking out. Many fans have speculated that Reynolds is building a Wrexham shrine back home, but the co-owner revealed that it’s actually a common request from his daughters.



“Blake and the girls are the engine for this,” Reynolds revealed on RobRyanRed – Wrexham AFC podcast. “The girls always remind me ‘Dad, grab some of the pitch when you walk across it again’, but I also recognise that the Racecourse Ground is in certain senses a holy ground.



“So I like to bring a piece of that home every time. I don’t think I’m building a man cave at this point, a Wrexham man cave, at this point it’s just my house. That stuff is going wherever I am, Wrexham is one of the prides of my life.”



Reynolds has brought his family over on occasions to watch Wrexham in action, and co-owner McElhenney has also ensured his loved ones feel a part of the club. McElhenney has previously shared pictures of his sons playing on the Racecourse Ground pitch after games, with both families making trips to Wales a regular occurrence.


But Wrexham will be playing a little closer to home this summer, playing two pre-season games in the United States against Premier League giants Manchester United and Chelsea. They face United in California before heading to North Carolina to play Chelsea, the perfect preparation against top opponents before the League Two season starts.

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