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“Jordan Spieth’s Grand Slam Dreams Shattered: The Hidden Battle Behind His PGA Championship Struggle”

Jordan Spieth’s pursuit of the career Grand Slam at the PGA Championship was hindered by a lingering wrist injury, leading to a disappointing performance in the tournament. As he completed the third round with a score of 71 at Oak Hill, Spieth confessed that his injured wrist had affected his game and cost him valuable shots. Fans can watch the final round live on Sunday starting from 2 pm on Sky Sports Golf.



Spieth, a former world No. 1, required a victory at the PGA Championship to achieve the career Grand Slam. However, doubts arose regarding his participation due to the wrist injury that forced him to withdraw from the AT&T Byron Nelson event a week prior, citing severe pain in his left wrist. Despite returning to practice on Saturday, Spieth arrived at Oak Hill on Tuesday for the major tournament with a heavily strapped wrist. He barely made the cut with rounds of 72 and 73.



Enduring persistent rain, the three-time major winner managed to post a score of 71 during the third round. This score dropped him to a total of six over par, effectively dashing his Grand Slam hopes for 2023. Spieth expressed his struggle in dealing with his own high expectations and the frustration of not being able to perform at his best due to the injury. Nevertheless, he remained optimistic about his fitness for the upcoming PGA Tour season after giving his wrist ample time to recover.



Reflecting on his performance, Spieth shared his disappointment with Sky Sports, stating, “I thought I could come here with lower expectations but then I get out there and it’s not possible!” He expressed his strong desire to win the tournament while acknowledging that a week ago, he didn’t expect to be in this situation. Spieth emphasized that his wrist injury was not a major concern but rather something that required rest. He hoped to have a couple of days off after the tournament and return to action as planned at the Charles Schwab Challenge.



Throughout the eventful third round, Spieth managed to record four birdies, three bogeys, and a double bogey. However, he had to constantly adjust his game due to the injury. The 29-year-old golfer disclosed that he had been engaged in daily recovery routines for his wrist but admitted that it had affected his decision-making on the course. In certain scenarios, he found himself opting for safer shots to avoid aggravating the injury, resulting in missed opportunities and a negative impact on his score.



Spieth acknowledged the instances where he felt hesitant to attempt certain shots, particularly those requiring a flick or precise control, such as flop shots or bunker shots. He lacked confidence in executing these shots without exacerbating the injury, leading him to take more cautious approaches.



Consequently, he believed that he had cost himself a few strokes throughout the tournament. Despite anticipating such challenges, Spieth expressed that he would have preferred a longer break before the event to ensure better preparation and recovery.



In a separate development, Phil Mickelson encountered difficulties during his landmark appearance in the cut round.

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