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“Unveiling Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ Dark Living Space: The Enigmatic Trend That’s Captivating Interior Designers”

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Set a Moody Trend with Their Dark Living Space. When it comes to setting trends, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have an undeniable influence. The beloved Hollywood couple has not only made waves in fashion but also in interior design, as evident from their beautifully dark living space.



In a recent post, Blake offered a glimpse inside their shared home, revealing a color scheme that is undeniably moody yet effortlessly chic.


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The exposed industrial brick wall and dark brown cabinetry in the open-plan kitchen set the tone. To create a striking contrast against the dark backdrop, Blake incorporated lighter-hued furnishings and vibrant artwork that adds bursts of color. Interior designers are applauding their masterful use of room color.



According to Michigan-based designer Emily Waugh, painting a room in a dark color can create a cozy and intimate atmosphere, especially when paired with warm lighting and soft furnishings.



She suggests opting for light-colored sofas, chairs, and tables to create that striking contrast against the dark elements. Dark colors can make other colors and textures in the room pop, resulting in a visually stunning and sophisticated look. Additionally, they can conceal imperfections and give the space a sense of depth, making it feel more spacious and inviting.





Following Blake and Ryan’s lead by pairing a moody base with lighter furnishings is the best way to style a dark room. However, it’s also crucial to consider texture. Introducing materials like wood, rattan, or brass through items such as coffee tables, cozy rugs, or textured throw pillows adds warmth and texture, softening the overall look of the room and creating a visually pleasing balance.



Not only is this trend endorsed by Blake and Ryan, but it is also gaining popularity in 2023. Dark rooms, similar to theirs, are topping color trends this year. The desire for bold and dramatic aesthetics has fueled the popularity of painting rooms in dark colors.





Deep blues, rich browns, and even black are increasingly favored for their ability to infuse luxury, elegance, and personality into interior design. This departure from the previous trend of all-white and neutral spaces showcases people’s desire to add character and individuality to their living environments.

So why stop at color? We can now delve into Blake and Ryan’s New York home by embracing their style with these curated picks below.

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