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Ryan Reynolds Sparks Controversy with Bizarre Post-Match Ritual at the Racecourse

Ryan Reynolds’ Unique Football Rituals: Stealing Turf from Wrexham’s Pitch for His Family
Football clubs often hold special traditions and rituals, and it seems that Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds is not exempt from embracing unusual practices when it comes to the beautiful game. Reynolds, along with fellow owner Rob McElhenney, has brought about a remarkable transformation for Wrexham AFC since acquiring the North Wales club for £2 million in 2020.



Investing an additional reported £10 million into the team, the duo’s efforts have led to Wrexham clinching the National League title with an impressive record of 111 points, earning them a long-awaited promotion to the EFL after a 15-year absence. With plans for a new 5,500-seat grandstand at the Racecourse Ground, the future is looking bright for the Red Dragons.



The documentary ‘Welcome to Wrexham’ has generated tremendous interest in the historic club, attracting a substantial social media following. However, it is the enthusiasm and passion displayed by Reynolds and McElhenney that have truly captured people’s imagination.



Reynolds, a Canadian-American actor known for his role as Deadpool, has developed his own unique match-day routines, inspired by his wife, Blake Lively, and their two daughters. One of his distinct habits is to take a small piece of the playing surface after each home game, a practice encouraged by his family.



In an interview with the RobRyanRed – Wrexham AFC podcast, Reynolds revealed, “Blake and the girls are the driving force behind this. They always remind me to ‘grab some of the pitch when you walk across it again.’ However, I also recognize that the Racecourse Ground holds a certain sacredness.”



Reynolds continued, “So, I like to bring a piece of it home every time. At this point, I’m not building a Wrexham-themed man cave; it’s just a part of my house. Regardless of my location, Wrexham is one of my life’s prides, and that turf will be cherished.”



Reynolds’ passion for the club extends beyond collecting turf; he has been known to acquire shirts from players like Ben Foster, leveraging the emotional high of promotion to encourage them to sign new contracts. While Blake Lively has attended Wrexham games, she missed out on the exhilarating celebrations for their National League triumph and the subsequent bus parade around the city.



Whether present at the Racecourse Ground or not, Blake can always expect to receive a small token of the pitch after every home game. The question remains, however, what will the Reynolds family do with all that grass? It’s a mystery that continues to intrigue their devoted fans.

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