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“Shocking Revelation: Top Tennis Rivals Federer and Nadal Absent from French Open, Sparks Speculation and Controversy!”

Neither Roger Federer nor Rafael Nadal will be participating in this year’s French Open. Federer has bid farewell to his tennis career, while Nadal has withdrawn from the tournament due to an ongoing injury and will not be defending his title. Federer expressed his sentiments about Nadal’s absence, stating that he will “miss” watching his former rival compete in Paris. During a Twitter Q&A session, Federer candidly responded to inquiries from fans, addressing topics such as his retirement and future plans.



Federer acknowledged the significance of Nadal’s accomplishments at the French Open, considering them to be among the most remarkable records in the history of all sports. The 36-year-old Nadal, a 14-time champion at this Grand Slam event, possesses an astonishing 112-3 win-loss record since his initial appearance in 2005. In their six encounters at the French Open, Nadal emerged victorious on every occasion, triumphing in four finals against Federer.





When asked about Nadal’s absence from this year’s tournament, Federer expressed his disappointment, stating that he will genuinely miss observing Nadal’s exceptional play.



The 20-time Grand Slam winner emphasized the extraordinary combination of the French Open and Rafael Nadal, recognizing it as one of the most astonishing achievements in sporting history. Although Federer won the French Open only once in 2009, defeating Robin Soderling in the final, he holds immense respect for Nadal’s accomplishments on the clay courts of Roland Garros.



Since retiring in September, there have been speculations about Federer potentially pursuing a career as a tennis commentator. However, Federer clarified that he has no plans to engage in commentary work this year. Presently, he is feeling great and has highlighted the aspects he misses the most, including spontaneous dinners with friends after matches or practices, the electrifying atmosphere of large stadiums, and the thrill of the sport.



Federer expressed a sense of relief after shedding the various stresses that were previously weighing him down, comparing it to a weight being lifted off his shoulders.





Furthermore, Federer hinted at the possibility of returning to the court for exhibition matches. He expressed his desire to participate in future exhibitions and particularly mentioned his enthusiasm for the prospect of visiting South America again, considering it an amazing opportunity. Although his competitive playing days are behind him, Federer’s passion for the sport remains evident as he explores avenues to continue engaging with tennis on a different level.



He declined to answer who would be the next first-time Grand Slam winner on the ATP Tour, saying: “Hmmmm…who should I drop a ton of pressure and stress on top of?”
Asked which Wimbledon title was his favourite, Federer replied: “All of them.”

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