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“Ryan Reynolds’ Bizarre Post-Match Ritual Sparks Debate: Is Collecting Grass from Wrexham AFC’s Pitch a Sentimental Tribute or Outlandish Obsession?”

Ryan Reynolds Reveals Unconventional Post-Match Tradition: Blake Lively and Daughters’ Surprising Demand!
Discovering the unique matchday rituals of sports figures often adds an extra layer of intrigue to their journeys. Ryan Reynolds, co-owner of Wrexham AFC, is no exception. Since joining forces with actor Rob McElhenney to acquire the Welsh club, Reynolds has made sure that his family—his wife, Hollywood actress Blake Lively, and their four children—have been part of the entire experience.



While the Reynolds family’s presence at the Racecourse is cherished, there’s an intriguing post-match ritual they insist on when they are unable to attend. Surprisingly, the Canadian actor and businessman has developed a peculiar habit of collecting a small piece of the playing surface after every home game.



In an interview with the RobRyanRed – Wrexham AFC podcast, Reynolds shared, “Blake and the girls are the engine for this. The girls always remind me, ‘Dad, grab some of the pitch when you walk across it again’.” He acknowledges the sentimental value of the Racecourse Ground, considering it almost sacred. Bringing home a memento from each match allows him to preserve a piece of that special atmosphere.



Reynolds clarified that he isn’t currently constructing a Wrexham-themed man cave but emphasized the deep significance of the club in his life. The grass clippings will be kept wherever he is, as Wrexham holds a prominent place in his heart, both figuratively and literally.



The exact purpose of the Racecourse grass remains unknown, leaving fans curious about the fate of these unique souvenirs. Nevertheless, it’s evident that Wrexham, along with its tangible remnants, has left an indelible mark on Reynolds. The club’s success, including the men’s team’s return to the English Football League and the women’s team’s rise to the top domestic league, has been intertwined with his personal journey.



Ryan Reynolds’ unconventional post-match tradition not only reflects his passion for Wrexham AFC but also showcases the significance of family in his life.



With his wife and daughters as his guiding force, Reynolds treasures these ritualistic connections to the game and its hallowed ground. His dedication to preserving the essence of Wrexham serves as a testament to the deep bond he has forged with the club, making it a source of immense pride and joy in his life.

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