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“Wrexham Striker Sparks Football Feud: Ollie Palmer Slams Ed Sheeran’s Ipswich Involvement Compared to Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney’s Heroics!”

Wrexham striker Ollie Palmer has faced severe criticism for making derogatory remarks about Ed Sheeran’s involvement with Ipswich Town, igniting a heated debate among football fans.



During an episode of Wrexham team-mate Ben Foster’s podcast, Palmer and Foster discussed the substantial impact of Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney as co-owners of Wrexham. Their contributions played a pivotal role in ending Wrexham’s 15-year wait for promotion to the Football League, earning them admiration and adulation in North Wales.



While showering praise on Reynolds and McElhenney, Palmer sought to draw comparisons to emphasize his point. In doing so, he turned to Ed Sheeran, who has been a shirt sponsor for Ipswich since the beginning of the 2021/22 season.

Palmer remarked, “There are names as prominent as theirs who own football clubs, even in the lower leagues. Ed Sheeran, Ipswich. I’m not sure about his ownership share, but has he achieved what these two guys have?”



Foster replied, “Nowhere near it. They’ve just been promoted, to be fair. But still…”

Undeterred, Palmer asserted, “I’m putting Ed Sheeran up there. Let me ask you: has Ed Sheeran done as much for Ipswich as Rob and Ryan have done? It’s not an easy task, and they make it seem effortless. I’m sure Ed Sheeran is a great guy, but I’m highlighting the remarkable work of Rob and Ryan.”



Palmer’s erroneous statements went unchallenged on the podcast, but they sparked outrage on social media, particularly among Ipswich fans. Sheeran’s involvement with the Tractor Boys cannot be compared to the significant investment and takeover by Reynolds and McElhenney, who acquired Wrexham for £2 million in February 2021.



“Embarrassing stuff from @BenFoster and Ollie Palmer,” criticized an Ipswich fan on Twitter. “They seem clueless and disregard factual information. Is it really that difficult to research who owns Ipswich? By their logic, TikTok must own Wrexham,” added another fan, alluding to Wrexham’s shirt sponsor.



The controversy surrounding Palmer’s comments highlights the passion and loyalty of football supporters, further fueling discussions and engagement.

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