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“Scandal and Triumph: Johnny Depp’s Cannes Comeback and Lily-Rose Depp’s Provocative HBO Series Ignite Controversy!”

ET’s Rachel Smith caught up with Lily-Rose at the Cannes Film Festival in the scenic South of France, where she shared her elation for her father, Johnny Depp, and his triumphant return to the spotlight with his latest biographical drama, Jeanne du Barry. The film opened the prestigious 76th annual event and marked Depp’s first leading role since his highly publicized legal battle against ex-wife Amber Heard.



In Jeanne du Barry, set in the 18th century, Depp takes on the captivating role of King Louis XV. The plot revolves around the life of Jeanne Bécu (played by Maïwenn), a seamstress’s daughter who ascends the ranks of the Court of Louis XV to become his final official mistress. Lily-Rose couldn’t contain her excitement for her father, expressing her immense happiness and pride in his achievements.



The young actress also experienced her own moment of glory at the festival, receiving a standing ovation after the screening of the initial episodes of her highly anticipated HBO drama series, The Idol. Directed by Sam Levinson, the show also stars The Weeknd (Abel Tesfaye) and explores a complex narrative in which Lily-Rose portrays Jocelyn, a pop star recovering from a psychological breakdown after her mother’s death.



As she navigates her comeback in the music industry, she encounters The Weeknd’s character, Tedros, a charismatic cult leader with grand plans for Jocelyn’s career.



Despite the series not yet premiering, it has already generated controversy due to its explicit content, including nudity, graphic sex scenes, and a gritty portrayal of the music industry.



Lily-Rose addressed these concerns during a press conference, asserting that claims of a toxic on-set environment, as reported by Rolling Stone, did not align with her personal experience. She expressed her disappointment in witnessing false and malicious statements about someone she cares deeply for, emphasizing that her own involvement in the project has been a positive and fulfilling journey.



As the Cannes Film Festival continues to captivate audiences with its showcase of exceptional cinematic works, both Johnny Depp and Lily-Rose Depp bask in the glow of critical acclaim and anticipation for their respective projects.

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