“Came as a Big Surprise” – Millionaire British Actress ‘Couldn’t Believe’ Her Ancestral Connection to Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney’s Wrexham

In the last year, soccer in Wales has suddenly become unbelievably popular. Without a doubt, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have played a major role in the same. They are wholeheartedly contributing to the sport through their efforts at Wrexham. However, an English actress couldn’t believe her luck after her ancestor played a major role in the development of soccer in Wales.



In the BBC Ancestry show, ‘the maker’ of the sport in Wales was recently unveiled and nobody could believe it.

Through the years, this particular individual’s name had faded away. It is safe to say that this generation had no idea about him until this very moment.

Who was this integral component of Welsh soccer?
The English actress in the limelight is Emily Atack. The Inbetweeners actress witnessed a moment of shock and surprise recently. Her great-grandfather, Edward Robins, was born in Wrexham. Robins is the one who acted like a ‘scrouge’ in the 1930s. He was quite passionate about soccer. However, the players with Welsh nationality were caught up in the English Football League.



At that time, he was the Secretary of the Welsh Football Association. After an endless and intense campaign, he managed to put one of his principles into practice. Soccer players born in Wales who were playing for English soccer clubs would finally be able to represent their own country. Without this, Welsh soccer legends like Gareth Bale might have never existed!

A source revealed, “Emily could not believe the link to Wrexham, particularly as the name is now so associated with Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, who co-own the club. She is in no way sporty either, so to hear her family had this pedigree came as a big surprise”. Back in 1930, everyone respected Robins to the extent that they started calling him the ‘dictator of Welsh football’.



Many, many decades later, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney unexpectedly entered the frame. Let’s dive deeper into their tenure at Wrexham.

Ryan Reynolds’ major contribution to Welsh soccer at Wrexham
In February 2021, two Hollywood stars did the unthinkable. Ryan Reynolds and his actor friend Rob McElhenney purchased non-league side Wrexham for about $2.5 million. The famous soccer club had faded away and was in dire need of funds. The two actors appeared like ‘God’ and saved the club. Since then, their path with the Welsh soccer club has always been onward and upward.



In their second season in charge, they won automatic promotion to the EFL League Two. Along with the soccer, the cameras are also rolling for ‘Welcome to Wrexham: Season Two’. While garnering a global fanbase for Wrexham, the Deadpool star is also shifting the fan’s focus toward Welsh soccer.

With the retirement of Gareth Bale, ‘Welsh’ soccer would have taken a major hit. But Ryan Reynolds might just not let that happen!

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