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“Deadpool’s Controversial Fishbowl Head Design Revealed: A Bizarre Departure from the Comics!”

Did Deadpool originally have a fishbowl head in his first movie? According to Ryan Reynolds’ double in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, one of the scrapped designs for the character involved a fishbowl apparatus on his head.



Although Ryan Reynolds won’t be able to improvise any lines due to the writer’s strike in the upcoming Deadpool 3, fans are still excited to see the iconic pairing of the “merc with a mouth” and Wolverine. In X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Reynolds played Wade Wilson, although his appearance deviated significantly from the comics. However, it could have been worse, as actor Scott Adkins revealed that one design considered was “Deadpool with a fishbowl on his head.”



Adkins didn’t provide further details about this peculiar concept, and the reasons behind considering a fishbowl head for the character remain unclear. This design choice would have made Deadpool resemble the Spider-Man villain Mysterio rather than his usual depiction.



Adkins correctly assessed that this alternative would have looked even worse than the final version we saw in the movie, which removed Deadpool’s mouth and transformed him into a dark and humorless killing machine. Fortunately, Adkins shared a heartwarming detail about the film’s production that will make you appreciate Ryan Reynolds even more.



According to Adkins, Reynolds wasn’t present during the shooting of the Deadpool scenes, likely due to other work commitments. However, when Reynolds saw what the producers had planned for the character, he became “really annoyed.” Adkins intervened on Reynolds’ behalf and reviewed the different ideas on the table, realizing how disastrous they could have been. Looking back, Adkins is relieved that they didn’t proceed with the fishbowl/head design, which would have been even more unappealing.



If you’re wondering why the unconventional Marvel character Deadpool would require a bowl on his head, it’s a perplexing thought. In X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Deadpool bore little resemblance to his comic book counterpart. He appeared as a final boss, combining the powers of various mutants, which also served as the basis for his name. This film, considered a Hollywood trainwreck, is even more ludicrous to watch than it may sound.



Following the failure of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the chances of seeing Deadpool again, let alone in his own successful film franchise, seemed slim. However, Ryan Reynolds remained dedicated to the character and gave his all in shooting test footage. Unfortunately, this initial effort didn’t convince Fox executives.



Nevertheless, when the test footage was leaked online, it generated an overwhelming positive response from fans, ultimately leading to the greenlighting of the Deadpool film. Although the identity of the leaker remains unknown, with Reynolds humorously referring to them as “an absolute bastard,” many suspect that he himself played a role in bringing his passion project to life by circumventing Hollywood executives.

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