Patrick Cantlay Drops Bombshell Revelation About Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth: Prepare to Be Shocked

Justin Thomas is one of the biggest loyalists of the PGA Tour. The 29-year-old has made many records on the field and has tons of fans in the golf world. Another player who has been world No. 1 and Justin Thomas’ partner is Jordan Spieth. However, a fellow player recently claimed to be better than Thomas and Spieth during a practice round against him. What did he say and why was it so shocking?

Patrick Cantlay claimed victory over Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth in a practice round

Cantlay is playing in the Tour Championship and had an interview after his round. The golfer disclosed that he and his partner Xander Schauffele often team up together. He also revealed that the two take Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth along for some practice rounds whenever their schedules match.



He said, “JT sometimes likes to go zero-dark-30 in the morning, but it’s fun to get a little competitive,”. However, when asked about who won in the practice match, Cantlay’s reply was not what fans were expecting to hear. “We just clipped them,” he said. The news of Cantlay and Xander winning over a pair of former world No. 1’s was surprising to find out for everyone in the golf community.

Thomas gave swing advice to Jordan Spieth

Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth have been friends for a long time. The two have also played several events alongside each other. Both have been at the first position on the world golf rankings. However, there is still scope for improvement even for the best.



Looking at Spieth’s swing, Thomas decided to offer him some advice to make it better. “You just gotta steepen the clubhead [on the backswing],” said Thomas. Spieth’s backswing has a laid-off club when it reaches the top. Mentioning his efforts to make it better, Spieth said, “That’s what I’ve been trying to do for two years, and I still can’t do it,”.



Both Thomas and Spieth have been on the PGA Tour throughout their career. However, there were rumors about Spieth joining the Saudi-backed league, but he denied any plans of him leaving the PGA Tour. Fans are not sure about the loyalty of many players on the tour, but Thomas and Spieth are players who can be counted on for their honesty.

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