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“Love on Fire: Austin Butler’s Shocking Gestures Proving an Intense Bond with Kaia Gerber!”

Austin Butler and Kaia Gerber’s relationship has not been that long, but it appears very serious. They were first linked toward the end of 2021 when Gerber had recently ended her romance with actor Jacob Elordi. But do not be mistaken for thinking Butler could have been a rebound because their relationship has gone from strength to strength since then.



The young couple has proven their commitment to each other in many subtle and sometimes loud ways. Here is why they are becoming one of young Hollywood’s favorite couples and why they may be in it for the long haul…



Austin Butler has become a household name since his role in Elvis. There is no denying his celebrity star is on an upward trajectory after his fantastic performance, and he has already earned praise from film critics. Kaia Gerber is also no stranger to fame and is fashion royalty (her mother is supermodel Cindy Crawford), and she continues to work steadily as a model.



Despite their hectic schedules, they prioritized their relationship, taking breaks whenever possible. This includes trips to Paris, Malibu, London, Mexico, and Los Angeles. Some of these outings were causal and relaxed, while others were PDA-filled.

Many celebrity relationships have broken up because they were unable to find time for each other, but it seems that this pair has figured out a way to do just that!



Rooting for the person you love is important, and Austin Butler and Kaia Gerber understand the importance of supporting each other in their careers. When Butler’s film, Elvis, premiered at the 75th annual Cannes Film Festival in 2022, Gerber was right there by his side.



Gerber was also there for his screening in New York City and again at the Golden Globes, although not officially as his guest (but according to People Magazine, they were spotted kissing backstage). But it is not just Gerber who is showing her support. Butler also includes her in some of the biggest moments of his life. He wants to celebrate with her, and that in itself is telling.



Despite her young age, Kaia Gerber has actually been linked to several famous men. However, in 2022 she announced that she had made some significant changes to her personal life, telling People Magazine at an event for the L.A. Art Show Opening Night Gala that she had to “re-evaluate [her] personal life a lot more.”



She continued, “I think, it’s so important people are realizing how important their happiness is outside of work, when you don’t have all these outside resources to gain happiness from, where that internal happiness comes from.” She did not mention Austin Butler in these comments, but she did reference her happiness, and he clearly plays a part in that.



When celebrities are serious about each other, they make their relationship debut in a big way. Many use important events to step out together, which gets the media’s attention and creates excitement about the pairing. Austin Butler and Kaia Gerber did this when they attended W Magazine’s annual Best Performances party ahead of the Academy Awards, People Magazine reports. They have since attended multiple events, including the red carpet at the Met Gala 2022. It is clear they are comfortable making the relationship public.



…But Austin Butler Also Wants To Protect His Relationship
Austin Butler giving interviewVia Instar
Being a celebrity often means that there is interest in your personal life. Austin Butler has been in a relationship with a famous woman; his ex-girlfriend is Vanessa Hudgens, and Kaia Gerber is no stranger to the limelight. Interestingly, even though they are both comfortable with media attention, it seems Butler would prefer to protect his relationship by keeping the details of it private.



This happened during an interview with GQ magazine when he reportedly chose not to comment on his romance. He told the publication, “I don’t think there’s anything I want to share about that. But thank you for providing the space.” Fans praised this reaction which was polite but to the point.



Austin Butler and Kaia Gerber Are Proving That Sometimes, Age Can Be A Number
Burnt Bridges Or Besties The Truth About Pete Davidson’s Relationship With His Exes (Via: TheThings
There is a ten-year age gap between Austin Butler and Kaia Gerber, but could age be just a number for this couple? Gerber has dated older men before, something which she addressed in an interview with Vogue. She noted how she started working in the fashion industry at such a young age and ended up dating “older people” because she was surrounded by (one of her more famous couplings was with Pete Davidson).



The couple has been linked since December 2021, with a source telling Entertainment Tonight, “They’re getting to know each other better and having a lot of fun hanging out.” The source added. “They’re very sweet and affectionate with each other, and it feels comfortable between the two of them.”



We mentioned that Kaia Gerber showed her support for Austin Butler at the 2023 Golden Globes, and they were seen kissing backstage after his win for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture. However, she was not his official date for the award show; that was his big sister, Ashley.



“I’m going to bring my sister,” he told Entertainment Tonight ahead of the award ceremony. He claimed the decision of whom to choose to accompany him was “hard,” but added, “she’s my one and only sister, so it’ll be nice to be with her.” Some may feel that he should have chosen his girlfriend over his sister, but the fact that he values family and is willing to maintain the bonds with people who love him says a lot about who Butler is. He is not throwing away people who have supported him his whole life, and he appears to value those who care about him.



While working on Elvis, Austin Butler is reported to have become close to the family. After the passing of Lisa Marie Presley, Butler attended the funeral, and it was reported that Gerber joined him to pay his respects. Having the support of someone he loves to help him process his grief is a powerful thing.



We cannot predict the future, and there is no way to tell if Austin Butler and Kaia Gerber will end up together. They are both young (and she is only in her early 20s), but from what they have shared about their relationship, it appears they are committed to making this coupling work. And they have been doing this in the sweetest ways.

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