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Emily Ratajkowski Nailed 2 Summer Trends With 1 Corset Vest

Emily Ratajkowski somehow managed to weave multiple trends into one streamlined look.



On May 31, Ratajkowski stepped out in New York City wearing a corset vest that seamlessly ties together everyone’s favorite Bridgerton aesthetic with sleek, menswear-inspired tailoring. Yes, that’s two trends in one piece, but the 31-year-old model wasn’t done.



She dressed down the look with a pair of baggy khakis, a ’90s choker-statement necklace-combo, and simple white sneakers. Hell, I’d even say Ratajkowski embraced the peplum renaissance given the petal-shaped tails at the bottom of the cropped vest.



So, with all those trends going on in one look, how did she avoid looking trendy? Or drawing comparisons to Blake Lively’s controversial wardrobe for It Ends With Us? The trick is a simple, neutral color pallet and attention to balance.





As many stylists would recommend, Ratajkowski paired her form-fitting top with a wide-leg bottom but took things even further by keeping her heavy accessories above the vest and her wrists free. And where a pair of heels would render the outfit top-heavy, she kept things grounded with a flat shoe.

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