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“Ryan Reynolds Shocks Fans: Declares Wrexham Sensation Paul Mullin as His Ultimate Muse, Trumping Blake Lively!”

Hollywood superstar and co-owner of Wrexham, Ryan Reynolds, has taken a humorous risk in a new advertisement that may earn him the ire of his wife.


Known for his acting skills as well as viral videos, Reynolds is not only a blockbuster actor but also a savvy businessman. When he promotes one of his companies, it’s always an entertaining experience for viewers.



In his latest ad, Reynolds cleverly chose to highlight Wrexham striker ‘Super’ Paul Mullin instead of his celebrity wife Blake Lively as the most important person for him.



The advertisement promotes a mobile family plan, emphasizing that it’s designed for “you and the one most important person in your life.”



Reynolds humorously explained that the person who means the most to him, his “ride or die,” is the Wrexham striker. He jokingly added that his wife will have to try again next season.



Sharing the video on Twitter, Reynolds apologized to those he may have left out of his Mint Mobile Family Plan, including his Wrexham co-owner Rob McElhenney, who he tagged.



This isn’t the first time Reynolds has appeared in a hilarious ad campaign alongside Mullin, where they playfully compete against each other.



Mullin scored 38 goals in 46 games last season to help Wrexham win the National League title and return to the football league after 15 years. It’s no wonder that the mutual admiration between Reynolds and Mullin continues to grow.

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