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“Scandalous Feud Unleashed: Justin Thomas’ Explosive Tweet About Jordan Spieth Ignites Social Media Frenzy”

"Explosive Twitter Firestorm: Justin Thomas' Shocking Tweet About Jordan Spieth Sets the Internet Ablaze"

With the NCAA Football division underway, the hype surrounding the league is catching heat. The fanfare has transcended sporting boundaries, with various athletes discussing their score predictions and touchdown stats.



With the golf season at a close following the FedEx Cup, popular golfers have been voicing their opinions. Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth, close friends off the course, shared some funny banter between their favorite teams that eventually led to a viral tweet.



The two golfers share close ties with their former university colleges – Thomas attended Alabama whereas Spieth is a Texas alumnus. The two didn’t attend a major chunk of their college years owing to golf. Spieth was in college for about a year and a half, while Thomas fared only a semester better. However, in that brief span of time, the two cheered and connected with their respective football teams and continue to support them.



In the build-up to the game between the Texas Longhorns and the Alabama Crimson Tide, the pair expressed their feelings in a promotional video for FanDuel. While the two didn’t hold a wager between themselves, both were optimistic about a win for their respective sides.



Jordan Spieth was upbeat about his predictions, which was a part of an honest reaction video. Calling on Longhorns to win every game of the season, he predicted his team to win 52-0 against Thomas’ Crimson Tide. The latter brushed off Spieth’s optimism, predicting a routine win for his team. Before the game, the Crimson Tide were favorites to win with a 20-point difference.





What was said between Thomas and Spieth after the game?
As it happened, the game was much closer than anyone had thought. The Longhorns, who at one stage were leading 17 to 19, battled their hearts out but lost by a single point against Crimson Tide, who made consecutive victories this season with a 20-19 win. The match was marred with a lot of controversial decisions, which triggered JT to term the win as a “steal” in a tweet directed to Spieth.





There was no response from Spieth’s end, who would have surely felt unlucky considering his earlier prediction. Alabama next play the Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks, while Texas would try to shrug off the loss in their next encounter against UTSA Roadrunners. On the other hand, the two-star golfers will be seen teeing off at the Presidents Cup at the end of September.

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