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“Unleashing the Unthinkable: Jordan Spieth Shocks the Golfing World with His Controversial, Game-Changing Move to Empower His Caddie”

Beyond carrying bags and clubs, a caddy serves as a trusted confidant and advisor, with the power to turn a game around. Such a relationship can truly make a difference, and Jordan Spieth knows it better than anyone.



Michael Greller, Spieth’s caddy, is not merely an employee but also a friend, making for a bond that extends beyond the course. Greller is often cautious of the shots that the 3-time major winner hits. He gives his honest advice to Spieth when he feels that he is being too ambitious.



However, Spieth likes to be risky and when the shot fails he also has a habit of justifying his thought process to Michael. But, Spieth has vowed to change his habit now.



Jordan Spieth says no to storytelling
The 29-year-old is taking on a new challenge – curbing his golf course chatter. Despite being famous for nervously conversing with his golf balls after striking them, Spieth is determined to change his ways.



He’s decided to spare his patient caddie, Michael Greller, the endless post-shot analysis. Breaking old habits is never easy, but Spieth is up for the challenge. “I’m trying not to … how do I describe it? Tell a story to Michael after every shot. I’m trying to just hit it, and [accept]] it is where it is. I don’t have to justify why it wasn’t better.”



Moreover, on the renowned par-4 18th hole at Bay Hill, the drive was only 199 yards but came perilously close to going out-of-bounds on the left side. Although Spieth felt the need to explain the shot to Greller, he was too ashamed to do so. “It’s probably one of the worst drives I’ve ever hit, I got real steep and drop-kicky with it. I’m not sure I’ve ever done that.”



Thankfully, the PGA Tour pro has gotten a lead and is now at the 2nd position, with a 7-under par. He is giving Kurt Kitayama a tough competition. Moreover, the game was suspended on Saturday owing to darkness. So, it remains to be seen if Jordan would be able to hit a magical shot that would move him to the top of the leaderboard.



Spieth’s relationship with his caddie
Back in 2011, when the two first met, Greller was a math teacher and 15 years older than Spieth. He worked part-time as a caddy. Greller initially planned to caddy for only a year and then return to teaching when Spieth turned pro. However, world no. 17’s rapid rise to fame kept Michael by his side.



The pair’s bond is remarkable and uncommon. It is rare for a golfer and their caddy to have such a close bond, but these two share a unique connection. Moreover, on numerous occasions, Greller has played a significant role in helping Spieth improve his game.



He has motivated him during crucial events by reminding Jordan that he is one of the greatest athletes. Furthermore, he asked Spieth to have some faith in himself and concentrate on hitting a great shot.
Michael’s encouragement was one of the secret ingredients in Jordan’s 2017 win at the Open.

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