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After Giving Birth to a Second Baby, Legendary Tennis Player’s Date-Night-Look Perplexes Serena Williams – ’Why I Don’t Look Like This?’

Serena Williams, the legendary tennis player, and mother to Olympia recently posted a cheeky message for her best friend, Caroline Wozniacki. The retired Danish star shared a beautiful photo on Instagram with her followers, which also caught Serena’s attention.



Wozniacki became the first player from a Scandinavian nation to top the WTA rankings and take home a Grand Slam title. The retired Danish tennis player is a loving parent to two wonderful children with her husband David Lee. Despite facing formidable competitors, Wozniacki has subtly made a name for herself in the tennis world.



The tennis world will never forget the exciting matches Wozniacki played during her career. She faced top players like Serena, Venus, and Maria Sharapova during her heyday on the WTA Tour, and created a resounding reputation in the tennis world.



Recently, Wozniacki uploaded a glamorous photo of herself on Instagram without any captions. The gorgeous look of the Dane prompted Serena to react in the comments section. She commented, ” I am super confused why I don’t look like this lol (laughing emojis)”



Wozniacki announced her retirement from tennis in 2020. She welcomed her first child, with her ex-NBA player husband Lee, in 2021. In 2022, Wozniacki declared to her fans that she was going to become a mother of two.



A post-pregnancy photo that Wozniacki shared about two weeks after giving birth to her second child surprised many of her fans. It’s no secret that Wozniacki maintained a top physical condition throughout her pregnancy. Even Serena Williams herself was astounded by the shape of the former world number one.



Serena honored at the National Portrait Gallery
Each honoree this year at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery was chosen based on their impact on the community. Guests were able to experience a private viewing of the event. Six recently commissioned portraits were on display. Both the Williams sisters were honored with awards and their own portraits.



At their core, the Portrait of a Nation serves as a means of reassessment of notable personalities. Venus showcased her happiness to her followers, as she witnessed her portrait next to other notable Americans while browsing the museum on stage. Let us know who you think should be the next to receive this honor.

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