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“Ryan Reynolds’ Wrexham AFC Obliterates US Women’s National Team in High-Stakes Tournament with a Jaw-Dropping $1M Prize!”

Wrexham AFC, the Wales-based soccer squad owned by Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, did not hold back when they faced a U.S. women’s soccer team during the inaugural The Soccer Tournament this past weekend in North Carolina.



Both teams were made up of current, former and special guest players of Wrexham and the USWNT respectively, and the men ran up a 12-0 final score to win and move on to the next round.



Seven of those goals were scored in 20 minutes, as Wrexham poured it on early and coasted to victory.
Why was Wrexham trying so hard? This first-time tournament had a grand prize of $1 million dollars, so it didn’t matter that the score got lopsided early.





The women’s national team was unable to get a goal on the board with only five shot attempts on goal, while Wrexham had 39 chances on goal.

Soccer legend Mia Hamm was managing the 7-on-7 team, while retired notable players like Heather O’Reilly and Lori Lindsey were on the field for the women’s national team.



“We’re super Proud,” O’Reilly told NBC Sports after the game despite the harsh box score. “Hopefully we’ve proved to anybody just go for it, just live. What’s the worst that could happen? We lose 16-0 to Wrexham? We don’t care because we’re living, we’re being bold and we’re being brave. Here we have two amazing products that American soccer fans are getting behind. It’s just a ton of fun and it’s brought all of us together.



This tournament had a new twist on soccer, as there were no offsides, no draws, no slide tackles and other rules that are not traditional on the pitch.

But Wrexham wasn’t even able to get to the million dollar prize at the end of the tournament.

Instead, it was Newtown Pride FC that won it all over SLC FC on Sunday.



While this women’s national team gave their all in this local tournament, the real squad continues to gear up for the Women’s World Cup in July. They have one more tune-up match against Wales before the group stages begin in Australia and New Zealand.

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