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Serena Williams recalls incident that left her ‘so embarrassed’ as tennis ace changes tune

Serena Williams has been a symbol of strength, fearlessness and composure in women’s tennis whenever she has stepped out onto the court and earned a reputation for being a serial winner as the most decorated female tennis player of all time. So it must be reassuring to know that even the American is capable of having a forgettable moment just like anyone else, as she gave a rare glimpse into one of her most embarrassing memories



Williams announced her retirement from tennis in September 2022 after she announced her plans to spend more time with her family. It later emerged at the Met Gala that she was pregnant with her second child with husband Alexis Ohanian, with whom she has a five-year-old daughter, Olympia.



In her retirement, the 23-time Grand Slam winner has been more active than ever on social media, recalling hilarious stories on her TikTok account. And in her latest post, Serena opens up on the time she was left red-faced after she received treatment on her neck from a chiropractor.



“So I was thinking about more of my most embarrassing moments, and I was thinking about this one time I needed to get my neck adjusted,” Williams said in the video clip.



“My neck was so tight that I was like ‘I need to get this adjusted bad’. So the guy came over to adjust me and I was just getting ready, I had my wig on. I didn’t put it on, I didn’t glue it on, I literally just… had it on.



“Next thing I know, he like puts me on the table and he’s adjusting me, and I’m thinking ‘oh my god, oh my god, do not, do not, do not come off’. And he adjusts my neck and, of course, my wig just… *whistle sound* just flies off.”



Visibly horrified, Serena adds: “I am just so embarrassed at this point, I’m just like…”, she trails off, before pulling an aghast expression on her face to demonstrate her humiliation. The video is then gatecrashed by her young daughter Olympia.



It appears that Serena has decided to be more candid now that she is away from the tennis court, having previously insisted in an interview with The Guardian two years ago that she didn’t blush when suffering from such mishaps. After being quizzed on her most embarrassing moment, she simply replied: “I don’t get embarrassed.”



Now 41, Williams has opened up on her feelings of being ‘torn’ about returning to top-level tennis. She admitted to having urges about reconsidering her retirement, but spending time with her daughter has convinced her not to.



“I for sure feel more at peace now,” Williams told E! Onine in February. “It’s interesting. I think I feel torn because I’m still able to play at a very, very, very high level. With that being said, I always wanted to leave the game playing at a very high level.



“I also wanted to walk away when I’m healthy and have a quality of life. But I’m inch by inch leaning away, inch by inch embracing it. I was playing earlier when I first retired because it was hard to do it cold turkey.



“But lately, I haven’t played so much. And I miss it. I’m like, ‘Oh my goodness. I gotta get out there’. But it’s hard for me to get out there.”

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