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“Unlocking Austin Butler’s Coveted Golden Globes Hair: The Shocking Secret Revealed!”

AS SOON as Austin Butler stepped into the spotlight on Tuesday night to accept the award for Best Actor in a Motion Picture (Drama), he caused some headlines: the actor was in character—still!—and giving his speech with the Southern accent of Elvis Presley who he portrayed in the 2022 biopic, Elvis.



But while social media roasted his affected voice, something else about Butler also couldn’t help but engage our attention: his leading-man hairdo—a soft, wavy mullet that has become his signature. And that is what we should really be making a fuss about now.



According to celebrity groomer Mira Chai Hyde, Butler used a styling cream called Potion No 1 by the House of Skuff to attain his slick hair for the big night. The star himself is known for not being afraid to look a bit tousled with his coiffure, which is why Potion No 1 complements his wavy soft hair rather well to nail a slightly unruly, disheveled look.



But, with the right steps—and, of course, the right hair requirement—you can get your coif to easily look elegant and slick like Austin Butler’s with House of Skuff’s Potion No 1. With a light to medium hold, the hair product is an all-purpose styling cream that’ll provide a polished finished touch.



The best part about it is its versatility: it can be used on dry to damp hair, with or without a hairdryer, and even be layered to bolster the hold. Start by rubbing a bit of the cream on your hands to an even, thin coating. Then run your fingers through your hair to work towards the messy hairstyle you want.



On damp hair, Potion No 1 works like a light gel to give you that “just came from the beach” look we see with Austin Butler. On dry hair, you can get creative by brushing your hair back after the cream is set for a swept-back hairdo—better if you leave a few wispy strands of hair hanging down.



Either way, with the right hair cream, Butler’s leading-man hair is easily achievable. And since it’s glossy, gentle, and not too stiff, it’s a hairstyle that can work in any “I want to impress” situation for you.

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