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‘I Think Hurt Me For a While’: Jordan Spieth Reveals His Biggest Fear For Kids in Golf

Jordan Spieth is often renowned as one of the artists of golf. Ever-reaching as a perfectionist, the three-time major championship winner has made it his trade in spite of mixed results.



But in his own words, the technique can be baffling sometimes. But with the rise in technology, does the new generation of golfers have an advantage over Spieth’s contemporaries? The golfer doesn’t seem to agree.



The three-time major championship winner was on the ‘Smylie Show’ podcast, where he talked about various aspects of his golf. Among them was the rising use of advanced technology, but was it a boon in itself?



Spieth didn’t seem to agree and believed it cost his game for a while. “That’s the one thing I will say that this increase in technology that I think hurt me for a while – technology in the game of golf does so much good,” he said.



“But I worry about it a little bit for the next generation because I didn’t video one golf swing until I was 23 years old, and I think there’s 7-, 8-, 9, 10-year-olds that are dissecting… I don’t think it’s a good option for kids to be doing that because everyone’s got their natural move.” he further continued.



Why Jordan Spieth needs difficulties on a golf course
Furthermore, the former World No. 1 claimed that a flat lie without any hurdles seldom made his day easier, contrary to some of the other golf aficionados. “I can’t stand a flat lie with no wind to a middle pin,” he said. “I just don’t see it. Like, if you tell me that right now, I don’t know; what’s the number? I don’t know what shot I’d hit.”



Spieth is currently at the Muirfield Village as he battles for a top-10 finish at the Memorial Tournament. He is six-under-par before Sunday’s all-important final round.

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