John McEnroe Slams Emma Raducanu for Settling on Just One Grand Slam Victory—Brit’s Remarks Under Fire

John McEnroe feels Emma Raducanu will be happier having a few more Slams to her name and rubbishes the Brit's queer most recent comments.

Emma Raducanu had made a few people ponder her rather queer statement. In an interview, the young tennis prodigy opened up about her 2019 US Open triumph, eliciting a multitude of reactions.



She felt that her victory made the world take a lot of notice of her, and many reacted heavily to every activity of hers. However, American legend John McEnroe had his say about her recent comments.



He certainly did understand the context of Raducanu‘s statement. However, the experience of McEnroe had a different way of looking at the situation.



This is what he had to say, “I’m sure if you ask her at the end of her career would rather have one major or none, if it turns out that way, she would rather win one.” He believes that Raducanu will eventually learn how to handle the pressure and the kind of positive and negative attention she gets.

But for her, winning a Grand Slam will always be better for her resume than not winning one. As per the former tennis player, she will be more than happy to have a Grand Slam title to her name. Raducanu is relatively young, and with time, all the attention will become normal for the Brit. Now, her focus should be on getting back to her prime fitness and challenging others on the Tour.



Will Raducanu be the same after her comeback?

It won’t be easy for Emma Raducanu to get to the top once again after her unfortunate injury issues. The best she reached was 10 in the world rankings. However, what’s on her side is her age. She is younger than most on the tour and will look to use that to her advantage. She will have to take it slow and have a lot of patience. She may not start winning right from the start, but with a few matches under her belt, she will feel better.



With age on her side and the fact that she has enough time to recover and get back to good fitness, the British tennis sensation can always be confident of winning a few more Slams. Her 2021 US Open campaign was a dream fortnight. As a teenager, winning on such a big stage was an extremely special moment. For sure, she would love to relive that a few more times

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