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Breaking Weeks of Silence on the $3,000,000,000 Merger, Tiger Woods Boldly Speaks Up, but Strayed Away From Everyone’s Expectations

Much has been said and done since PGA Tour’s near $3,000,000,000 merger with LIV Golf was announced to the world. But, it was Tiger Woods‘ deafening silence on the highly controversial union that worried many.



That all changed on Sunday after several documents concerning the golfer came to light. Taking to social media, the 15-time major winner has now responded to the stunning new revelations. Let’s jump in to find out more!



Tiger Woods finally breaks his silence

Tiger Woods has finally broken his silence, but not in the way the golf community expected him to. The golfer’s comments come after a “talking points memo” from a Florida lawsuit against the Tour surfaced recently.



As per the documents, the golfing legend was allegedly set to deliver a rousing speech against the Saudi-funded LIV Golf. It was supposed to happen in a PGA Tour players meeting before the 2022 Travelers Championship.

On Sunday evening, however, the golfer dismissed the document. Woods, who is currently recovering from ankle surgery, took to Twitter to share that he was completely unaware of its existence.



“I have never seen this document until today,” wrote the 47-year-old in his tweet. Woods further claimed that he was not a part of any players meeting either.

While the golfer did not directly address the PGA Tour-LIV deal, his staggering denial of the latest rumors has now caused an uproar in the golf community.



What are the talking points Tiger Woods was set to cover in his alleged speech?
The “talking points memo” runs across hundreds of pages; they are part of a pending antitrust lawsuit against the PGA Tour. The filings also include several emails, press clippings, and investment agreements, among other things.



According to the document, Woods was reportedly set to heap praise on the PGAT commissioner Jay Monahan in his speech. “I think Jay – our captain in this scenario – is working his a** off,” read one of the points in Monahan’s defense. The 82-time PGA Tour winner was also supposed to tell other players to participate in the defense of the Tour actively.



As per one of the scripted points, the much-decorated player was also set to call out LIV in an expletives-laden speech. Last year, Woods had allegedly turned down a deal worth between $700-$800 million from LIV.

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