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Fred Couples Redefines Golf: 63-Year-Old Veteran Leaves Everyone Astonished with His Incredible Performance in ‘B£ast Mode

Fred Couples is currently 63 years old and has stunned his fans with a mind-blowing record. The golfer won his last game in 2017 during the American Family Insurance Championship.



However, his performance at the SAS Championship on Sunday got him to a spectacular victory after five long years! And his fans are not ready to keep their cool after hearing the surprising news.



Fred Couples claimed his victory at the SAS Championship

American professional golfer Fred Couples recently shocked the world with his undeniably amazing talent on the field during the SAS Championship on Sunday. The golfer hit the lowest score of his entire PGA Tour Champions career in the tournament.



Couples shot 12-under 60 and won the event by six shots. As unbelievable as it sounds, the golf legend made the record at the age of 63.

Despite being two shots behind after the initial four holes, the golfer somehow managed to hit five straight birdies, making a key par on the 10th hole.



And right after that, Couples finished the game with seven straight birdies in the tournament. The golfer himself was shocked when he realized he had set a new record. “An unreal day,” he said.

Fans react to Couples’ breath-taking victory
As soon as ‘Golf Digest’ tweeted about the news, fans emerged with massive amounts of respect in the comments for the golf star. “That’s a career-low for Fred Couples,” the tweet said.



Some of his fans said that he was “one of the nicest” players to ever play on the tour. While others called him a “Hero” and said he was the “coolest man in golf”.

On the other hand, some of the fans praised his record more than the golfer himself. Fans said that the scorecard looked “SICK”. While some expressed their wish to see the golf legend win the “Masters” tournament.

A person even said that the golfer had activated his “Beast Mode”, ehile a tweet by Dylan Dethier said that the athlete “broke golf”.

Most of Couples’ fans were happy and even cheered for him in the comments section.

However, some thought that his scorecard was indeed “ugly”!

No matter what the fans have to say about the golfer’s scorecard, his victory surely proved that age is just a number. And despite being 63 years old, Couples is nowhere near the thought of getting retired from professional golf.

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