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“Alexis Ohanian’s Struggle: Serena Williams’ Unrelenting Dominance Pushes Him to Extreme Measures, Unveiling a Shocking Golfing Secret!”

We all know Serena Williams and her husband, Alexis Ohanian, are a power couple in the worlds of sports and business. But even after being married for more than five years, they are still highly competitive and secretive with one another.



Being the most supportive couple in business and tennis doesn’t make a difference when it comes to keeping adorable secrets between them. Recently, the co-founder of Reddit revealed a secret concerning golf that he has kept from his American tennis legend wife.



Serena Williams’ husband kept a golf secret from his wife
The 40-year-old American businessman is prepared to build a sports empire with a new golf team that will be a part of the Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy-backed league, the TGL. Along with his tennis icon wife and her older sister Venus Williams, they have bought the first golf team in the league, the Los Angeles Golf Club, and are ready to take the golf world by storm. Recently, the Reddit co-founder shared a video on Twitter talking about various important parameters of the sport.



And while talking about golf, he shared a sporting secret that he has been keeping from his wife. Ohanian shared a video in which he shared that he has been taking a little off-the-charts golf lesson, rather than learning the sport with the former tennis player.



He said, “I was mistaken and that was both humbling and frustrating, as a competitor. That she was already actually pretty much natural. I am just going to start taking lessons on a down well, don’t let her know maybe get a sim in the office. And start hitting some balls around and between calls and then show up on Sunday for lessons.”





Further, he also talked about how they thought of taking some golf lessons together, but seeing that his wife was already good at the sport, he chose to take the lessons on his own. Along with that video, he wrote, “Please don’t tell my wife.”
However, this is not the first time when Ohanian revealed a secret that included the American tennis legend.



When Williams’ husband shared the secret behind his happy marriage
The 40-year-old American internet entrepreneur took to his Twitter account to share a secret that works wonders for his wife and his 5-year-old daughter. He acknowledged applying an entrepreneurial mindset to his family life. And revealed that the most important framework he has used in marriage and fatherhood is that he was always in CEO mode.

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