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Days After an Irate Tiger Woods Lost His Calm, PGA Tour Files an Emergency Motion to Cover Up Confidential Details, as per Reports

The biggest set of details since the billion-dollar merger was revealed last week after a 350-page document listing confidential details was made public. The information unveiled was so significant that it forced golf legend Tiger Woods to come out of his self-imposed hibernation to give a response.



However, in a monumental turn of events, it looks like the documents were never meant to be revealed in the first place. The news comes after the PGA Tour filed an emergency motion to reseal the covert documents. But how did those details go public?



Who’s behind the leak of the PGA Tour’s confidential documents?

The extensive details, which include several important transcripts of emails and investment agreements, were submitted by the PGA Tour after the announcement of the merger. The golf body produced them under the court’s protective order, which presumed intimate confidentiality of the material.



However, as per Golf Digest, it looks like a clerical error has caused the latest havoc. Attorney Larry Klayman, who is seeking an antitrust lawsuit against the PGA Tour, seemed to agree, with the court now preparing to reseal its documents.



However, it will do little to protect the amount of confidential information made available to the public. Among them was a prepared speech for golf legend Tiger Woods after the LIV Golf Series’ inception, which the golfer recently addressed through a tweet.



Tiger Woods breaks the internet silence after Travelers speech goes viral
The 47-year-old has been eerily quiet since the PGA Tour decided to join hands with the LIV Golf Series. Many have been demanding the golf legend respond, who stuck as a fierce loyalist until the announcement of the merger.



Yet, nothing gave away until recently. The documents leaked included a speech for Woods at a players’ meeting during the 2022 Travelers Championship.



Subtle pointers, which condemned the LIV Golf Series while glorifying the PGA Tour, were inculcated. Yet, it went to waste as Woods never showed up at the event, which he clarified through his Twitter handle.

Despite the peaceful merger between the two parties, incidents like these could ignite an unprecedented fire between the two camps. Can the PGA Tour and the LIV Golf Series work together in harmony to usher in golf’s new era?

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