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‘John Deere Salesman’: Golf Fans Left in Shock After AI Produces an Unbelievable Jordan Spieth Image

AI technology has advanced significantly in recent years. One of the applications where it has demonstrated considerable promise is in the analysis and manipulation of photos and videos. Using this technology, it is possible to reveal the faces of celebrities in many contexts.



Furthermore, AI can produce accurate pictures of a celebrity’s face in different positions, expressions, and lightings.

Numerous athletes, politicians, players, and other well-known figures have previously been made the subject of this technology. However, this time it was the turn of PGA Tour golfer, Jordan Spieth.



AI reveals Jordan Spieth with changed facial features

While the use of AI to get altered photos is common, no celebrity has been able to escape it’s use on them. And this time Spieth faced the music.



Breezy Golf took to their Instagram handle and posted an AI generated picture of the 29-year-old. In the picture, the three-time major champion was showcases in a beard. The caption of the post read: “What does this man do for a living? Wrong answers only.”



The image rapidly went viral once it was posted online. A few days after his impressive showing at the Masters, the PGA Tour golfer managed to grab everyone’s attention once again with this image as it quickly caught pace among fans.



Fans react to Spieth’s AI generated picture
As soon as the photo gained popularity, fans voiced their opinions regarding this version of Spieth with a beard. They even continued to respond to the question posed in the caption. Several of the fan’s responses were as follows:



“He has a commercial and residential contracting business”

“Upset that his father left to find new life in another Galaxy.”

“Assists on a local tv show called Tool Time.”



“Professional bass fisher that stuffs his fish with weights”

“Paper salesman for a regional paper company”

“Looks like he judges you for not drinking IPAs.”



“Dropped out of WVU after taking his high school landscaping business Regional. Now staffs multiple landscaping crews, has a bunch of trucks, nice house with a pool, a hot blonde wife, 2 kids and the best tailgate a Kenny Chesney.”



“City worker. doing pavement, concrete, and other various road construction.”

“John Deere salesman”

“He definitely drives a King Ranch”

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