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Marvel Star Wants Chris Evans To Return For Captain America 5

He may have been gone for four years, but one of Chris Evans' MCU costars wants the original Cap back in Marvel's future projects.

Captain America: Brave New World star Anthony Mackie wants to reunite with the MCU’s original Cap, Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers.



Mackie took over the mantle of Captain America in Disney+’s Falcon & The Winter Soldier from John Walker and Brave New World marks his movie debut in the position. By the sound of it, he’s already looking ahead to what his Marvel future might hold.



Ahead of the release of his video game adaptation Twisted Metal, Mackie told Inverse that he wants his next Marvel movie to bring back Evans, Chris Hemsworth’s Thor and Sebastian Stan’s Bucky Barnes for a muscle-bound four way:



“I would like for the three of us to get in a situation with [Chris] Hemsworth. I think the four of us would literally cause so much havoc.”

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