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“Ryan Reynolds Reveals Heartbreaking yet Touching Tale of His Father’s Demise, and the Surprising Connection to His Daughter’s Namesake”

One of the most anticipated episodes of My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman saw Ryan Reynolds get quite chatty on the couch. We have only seen him as the funny guy in the movies and in the interviews, but David offers a rare look at the actor’s more thoughtful side. Ryan shares his relationship with his father, the story behind her daughter’s name, and why The Adam Project is very personal to him.



Ryan Reynolds named his daughter James after his father
The actor shared that his old man only caught a glimpse of the newborn right before passing away. So he named his daughter James after his dad’s name, Jim.



The actor further shared that he never felt close to his father. He never really knew his dad growing up and regrets not getting to know the old man more before his demise.



However, Jim had a good sense of humor just like his son. But he was “inaccessible” to Ryan for he never shared his feelings with him. But nevertheless, Ryan is sure that his daughters could have softened up their granddad.



Furthermore, Ryan Reynolds mostly comes from a family of males, so his upbringing was entirely different compared to his approach to raising his own kids.



The Adam Project was a very personal project for the actor
The actor has produced several movies under his banner – Deadpool and its sequel, Free Guy but it was The Adam Project that stayed with him.



He could relate to the character that resented his dad for dying too early. Through the character, he could explore his own bonding with his dad. Hence it was deeply personal for him and remains his favorite project to date.



The actor has taken on diverse roles in the past but he’s keenly aware of what the audience wants from him. Hence he admits that he likes to “stretch” but within his “lane”. However, there was one challenge he wasn’t willing to take earlier – a musical. But that has changed for he is doing one with his hero, Will Ferrell.

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