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‘Shocked’ Chris Evert Joins Tennis Stars and Scores of Fans to Mock the Absurdly Stupid Serena Williams Pregnancy Question

Recently, a really bizarre question from the American television show ‘Who Wants to Be Millionaire?’ is catching everyone’s attention. The question was regarding tennis and specifically about Serena Williams. However, the way they selected options for the multiple-choice questions made it pretty obvious.



While the fans had a good laugh over it, later American tennis star Chris Evert also came across the same. Here’s how she reacted.

Chris Evert reacts to a bizarre question from the TV reality show



It happened in the show ‘Who Wants to Be Millionaire?’ The question was regarding a tennis player who won the Australian Open when she was roughly eight weeks pregnant. Any person who follows tennis even slightly will know that the answer is Serena Williams.



However, the options for the multiple choice question made it easier for the contestant. Hilariously, the other three options, apart from Serena Williams, were the names of male tennis players.



As the clipping went viral on social media, fans were laughing at it. Meanwhile, Chris Evert also came across the question. Here’s how she reacted.

Evert wrote, “Omg..” with a shocked reaction emoticon.



Earlier, former doubles world number 1 Sania Mirza also reacted to the rather funny question. The Indian took to her Twitter account and sarcastically called the question a tough one.



The question actually talks about the Australian Open 2017. Here, former American tennis star Serena Williams got to know about her pregnancy after arriving in Australia and still competed. What happened next is a legend for ages, as the queen of the court won the title without dropping a single set.



Recently, Serena’s husband Alexis Ohanian cited it as the prime reason for calling her the GOAT.

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